I Didn’t Know People Said That

Hot on the heels of our most recent cast made entirely of pod, we now have another one for your enjoyment.

In spite of having never identified the program as such during the show, this time it has been decided that “episode 20” should be entitled, “I Didn’t Know People Said That.

At this time you may even notice our logo has changed for the program.  At our most recent meeting we have decided to run with the idea that this is on purpose.

In this episode, Morty & Austin are on that cruise they’ve been meaning to take, and while they’re at it, discuss: The Adventure Zone, various vacations and fun activities we’ve been up to, the book Our Universe by Roy Galant, the Gender Odyssey conference Mort is attending, Conversations With People Who Hate Me,  and What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Our legal representatives have advised us to say that there is currently no evidence to support Austin’s theory that they were aboard a boat made out of humanely treated vegan chickens. However, we’ll let the show act as our evidence.

Thank you.


I Didn’t Know People Said That.

Part I: Funny Goofs to Very Intense and Serious Moments.

Duh, it’s The Adventure Zone.  And you can find griffinmcelroy on Soundcloud.com.  And of course, visit beautiful, downtown mcelroyshows.com for all your McElroy podcasting needs. It’s the only place on the web, so that works out well for you.


Part II: Flabby Joe? Where’d you go?

Here at the DINTHAN Travel Agency, we have a wide range of vacation options for you to choose from. Let’s say rustic cabins are your interest? Then, you must check out the Antler’s Guard Station, complete with a propane fridge (how quaint). But, if you tend to lead a more “mafioso”-like lifestyle, perhaps you want to sleep with the fishes for a change, in which case we recommend something like the Aquarium of Boise, or perhaps sleeping among the stumps at Lake Harriet. Places like the Boise Zoo are quite in vogue this season, but if I know you, a tour of only two art museums in the US would fit you just nicely: Boise Art Museum followed by a side trip to The Art Institute of Chicago.  That’ll be $80,000.  Thanks.

Part III: Flipping For The Artist.

Why not pick up a copy of Our Universe at ridiculously low prices. That’s not an affiliate link.  That’s just us doing something nice for our listeners.  Our lazy, lazy listeners.

Part IV: The Ship’s Cat

Morty comes out of the closet here, right on our program! Though, we were pretty sure you all knew anyway, we’re always proud, and it felt right to share it here. However, if you have questions about this, or say a family member that might be part of the LGBTQ community, probably the best way to explore gender in an environment where parents and children can learn about it together is through the Gender Odyssey Conference. There are Scholarships & Subsidies available for people who can’t afford all of the costs that are associated, but still want to go.  Check it out. You might even learn something about yourself.

Part V: Two More Things.

Because the entire world is filtered through podcasts and nothing else, we offer two more suggestions of things you may enjoy hearing in this popular audio format. Conversations With People Who Hate Me by Dylan Marron is pretty great, and so is What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law. Both help educate at a time when it seems like people only want to yell.



Here’s where you can find Mort: instagram.com/zagonem

That’s it.


Water: It’s Good For Your Mouth

IMG_9931It is now time for you to hear a new podcast.

We recommend our 40,000th episode, “Water: It’s Good For Your Mouth.

What can we say?  A lot has happened on the podcast recently.  I’m sure all of our regular fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this episode, Morty & Austin do one of their famous “road shows,” in an informal setting, to talk about: music they enjoy, Star Trek: TOS makeup and the Kirk / Spock relationship, and some of the various things that have happened in the last 39,997 episodes.

Lest you think we just put up an episode because it had been a little while, we can assure you that this is absolutely part of the DINTHAN? business model.  More more information about this can be found by streaming or downloading the episode.

Thank you.


Water: It’s Good For Your Mouth.

Part I: Never Been To Six Flags

The Does It Need To Have A Name? offices have been buzzing the last few years, and the writers have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to reveal the majesty that is our 40,000th Episode.  We know that this is standard for all good podcasts, and that only now will people really begin paying attention to the show.  But it is a rite of passage for all podcasts, and it is nice to make it this far.  We have been through what seems like a lot, and while we would love to spoil all the good jokes that await you, instead we will reserve that for the AV Club when they review this one.

As indicated, this is one of our famous Road Trip Episodes, (or “Gascast” as we refer to them occasionally), as we are not in the studio. This should explain any of the sound quality issues you might think you are experiencing as you listen back.  These shows are a necessity when you are as busy as Morty & Austin.  Occasionally, you have to record under less-than-ideal circumstances. But fans have come to love the “lo-fi” sound, and it has become one of our trademarks over the years.  Perhaps someday we’ll find out why Austin can’t remember episodes 30,000 – 30,030, or about his time at Magic Podcast School, but for now, we’ll only suggest that it might have something to do with doing a Road Trip recording, so we’ll have something to go on if we ever have to answer that question.

Prior to recording, music was the subject of conversation, and Morty runs down a favorite playlist to give us some music that is in the pocket for a guy who is constantly looking for music to draw to.  Flatsound has a ton of stuff available, and Morty is very much into the song, “You Are The Coffin,” though he does say that you should check it all out.  Morty also recommends the artist Joji, elvis depressedly, Salvia Palth & dandelion hands (in particular, “how to never stop being sad“).  If you really want to go deep, here’s a link to Morty’s Playlist that we were listening to prior to the show.

Listening to Morty’s pick’s, Austin is reminded of two groups he enjoys: Bright Eyes and The Moldy Peaches.  Of course, Morty is already in the know, but it offers Austin a chance to wax nostalgic about shows he saw years ago, and it’s the kind of music that Morty is digging now, anyway.

Part II: Spock’s Makeup Is On Point

While this is probably not surprising to anyone – mostly because we are on the Inter-Web-A-Tron and we are not lame – we spent a lot of time watching and talking about Star Trek: TOS and the new movies, of which Morty recently saw all of recently.  Austin has been a fan for years, and it is always fun to talk a little Trek with a like-minded person, even if we’re pointing at the microphone the whole time, or talking about people who are not in the room.  (Ahem, George and his new Netflix addiction, ahem.)

This is the podcast where Austin & Marla (his wife) talked about Star Trek: The Next Generation (among other things).  And, if you are really a masochist, here’s a link to that show, Almost Human.  It wasn’t great, but hey, it had Karl Urban in it, right?


And, in case you still haven’t seen it, I present to you:

Part III: Another One In The Can.

These casual, Road Episodes are always fun, and Austin & Morty always find a way to see the upside of things, even if 40,000 podcasts is a LOT of podcasts to have made.  You’ll want to listen to this part of the show, as we resolve the story we set up in Part I (no spoilers), offer a Five Second ASMR Recording, mention all of our sponsors again (tasty seaweed snacks, Hi-Chews & water), and even find a way to mention Sherlock.  (As if you needed a reason.)

We do make a few announcements about the podcast going 24 Hours now, and how there will be increased length between shows, but that isn’t anything you should worry about at this point.  But you should check out Morty’s appearances on Mid-Valley Mutations (he did the photography and introduced a song in Episode #10), and he’s now been on a few Geekly-Updates, too.  (Episode 54, Episode 60 and Episode 74, true believers.)

Before we go, here’s a video Austin made of George, so you can get to know the man we mention but did not hear:

And, to close the show, here’s a little post-show video Morty & Austin made, as they try and make some Japanese Candy that Morty had:

Coming soon: Theater Talk, A Makeup Tutorial, and Props to Props.

You can still find Morty & Austin on Facebook, where they infrequently comment about how long it has been since the last show.  Austin keeps a blog: acronyminc.org, and his weekly radio program is Mid-Valley Mutations.  Morty keeps a secret blog.  So secret.  You think you can find it?  We don’t…

Thank you very much for listening.  We really appreciate it, and we will continue to have fun making these, too.


Hello. Welcome Back.

12096zWe decided to skip episode two.

Instead, here’s our third episode, “Hello. Welcome Back.

It is completely different than our last episode, and yet, eerily familiar to those who listened last time, too.

In our third episode, Morty & Austin continue to address the kinds of things that they know and love.  Like:  Welcome To Night Vale, Eddsworld, & Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I know that question mark at the end of the sentence above is confusing.  But trust us.  As you listen to this show, you will fin your confusion in good company.

Thank you.


Hello.  Welcome Back.

Part I: That’s How You Get A Podcast Started

In this, our third episode, we begin in our usually confused manner, and introduce our new segment AFTER it has finished.  This new segment is where we address things from The Past, and it is called:

IMG_5217The Way Back Machine:

First, we want to give a shout out to our friend Markus, who shared this screen shot from his phone to show that he was downloading our first episode over two weeks ago.  (In the evening, his time.)  I’m glad to find that Markus had no trouble listening to us on his German iPhone, but I worry about his battery life, and if he will have enough power to finish listening to our show.  Only time will tell.

We then offer a rundown of the various ways you can now contact us, some of which is entirely new.  Our WordPress Blog is now the central hub for all things unnamed, but you can still message us on our Facebook Page, too.

You can find Austin on his blog, which he is contractually obligated to mention once every time he opens his mouth.  He also volunteers at KMUZ in Salem, OR, and appears almost every week on the program Geekly Update, available as a podcast or live on Sundays at 2 PM.  In fact, Morty was on an episode of Geekly Update, and that is sort of Morty’s origin story.  Morty also has a blog, but is not allowing anyone to read it at this time.

We are also urging listeners to send in a, “So,” or “Actually,” with regards to content on the show.  We welcome your feedback, and will feature it on the program.  Just hit us up on Facebook.

It appears that, since no one wrote in to correct us about the name of the owner of the Barrelhaven in Bone, he is now forever named Casey.  It also appears I was wrong about Steven Universe, and Season Three has started.  Get on it!

People wanted to know if Morty’s tongue okay, and we get a full report in this episode, along with a segment where we drink water at our listeners, again.  (Carbonated for Austin, regular for Morty.)  Listeners were also curious if Morty had recieved a copy of Dan’s cover album (Ninja Sex Party‘s “Under the Covers,” and also asked about when we’ll have our Dragon Show, and we address both of these concerns.   We also suggest that at some point we should do an Incredibles show.

static1.squarespaceOur first topic this week is Welcome To Night Vale.  Both Austin & Morty are big fans of this show. We discuss the concept, the host Cecil Gershwin Palmer (played by Cecil Baldwin), the writer’s Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Carnor.  There is a Book that we recommend, too.  Suddenly, Morty suffers from a back cramp, and Austin asks the Internet to Google “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” to see if we can use it for Morty’s biography.  The Weather is a big part of the show, and we recommend you check out artists like Jason Webly and the other’s from this complete list of episodes and artists that have appeared in The Weather segment.  John Bernstein is the artist Disparition, who does all the music for the program, but the show has great sound and great guests, including Wil Wheaton and The Cast of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  (And, yes, Austin was right: Hal Lublin is a regular on the show, as the character Steve Carlsberg.)  Morty’s favorite characters are Old Woman Josie & Dana, and in particular loved Episode 30 (Titled: Dana).  Austin’s favorite character is Perfect Carlos, and his favorite episode is the two-part Episode 19 (Titled: The Sandstorm Part A & Part B). .  We’re a little concerns about Morty’s female double, but we do recommend that you Catch Up On Night Vale, and support them, as they do good work.

Part II: Am I Funny?

We like to talk about YouTube Channels we like, but if you have a favorite video you’d like us to watch, please send us the clip and we will watch it.  But Morty might make fun of you if it is as dumb as the Battlekid video on Gamegrumps.  (Really?)

maxresdefaultThis week, Morty recommends Eddsworld.  While this particular channel doesn’t have any new content, every year on March 25th, fan’s celebrate the life of the channel’s creator – Edd Gould – on Edds Day, where fans gather and watch / discuss Eddsworld animations, and in general, act like nerds.  The show is pretty cool, and Morty gives it a thumbs up, except for the ones with Tord in them.  We’ve decided we’ll be celebrating Edds Day next year, so put it on your calendars.

Austin recommends the NASA YouTube channel, because Austin is a nerd, and loves to follow NASA stuff.  Both Austin & Morty accidentally reveal that they have no flow, and old man Austin continues to ruminate on YouTube as a platform.  Morty and I realize we need to take a break, but we might have to write code to invent a way to pause.

Movie_poster_who_framed_roger_rabbitPart III: Did You Hear Something?

On Easter Morty and Austin re-watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? where they both realized how much they love this movie.  Austin’s love of detectives comes from this movie, and while we love it, we both agree that it has a Female Problem.  (Women are portrayed poorly, and there are some off the cuff racial comments that are problematic.)   Morty & Austin discuss early memories of the movie, and decide that we also have to do a Disney show.  They do a little film analysis,  and compare Jessica Rabbit to Betty Boop.  Austin recommends Raymond Chandler‘s Phillip Marlowe and Dashiell Hammet‘s Sam Spade if you want to check out detectives, and Old Warner Brother’s Cartoons, just because they’re funny.  Austin continues to analyze, and we decide that the movie is good for kids, if you talk to your kids openly about life.

Not wanting to have this party get out of control, Morty and Austin wrap up the show at the sensible hour of 7:30 PM.  You can still find Morty & Austin on Facebook, and on they’re WordPress Page, when they’re not too busy making up songs on the fly.

Austin keeps a blog: acronyminc.org

Morty keeps a secret blog that we don’t know about… yet.

Perhaps someday you can contact us at: noemail at gmail dot com.  Let us know if it ever works.

Until next time.

Where Did I Put My Pen?

1172z1Does It Need To Have A First Episode?

If so, “Where Did I Put My Pen?” will have to do.

In it, Morty & Austin discuss topics that are near and dear to their hearts.

Steven Universe, Game Grumps & Bone by Jeff Smith, to be precise.

We urge you to try it at least once.  We believe you’ll enjoy it.  We hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you.


Where Did I Put My Pen?  

Part I: Bleep Bloop Blorp

We already have a Facebook Pagefacebook.com/DoesItNeedToHaveAName

BossThen we talk about Steven Universe:

How we got into it, & why Rebecca Sugar is awesome.  Austin has only seen the first five episodes, but so far there’s a real heart to the show.  In answer to the question we were wondering about the music on the program, Rebecca does write the music with the other writers on the program, as needed for each individual show.  Morty promises to play the theme on on Uke one of these days.  Because Tom Scharpling does the voice on Greg Universe on the program, Austin recommends The Best Show, a radio show Tom does with Jon Wurster, who also does the voice of Marty on Steven Universe.  We explore a few tangents, too, but before we forget: here’s a link to Estelle, Zach Callison’s IMDb Page, Season 1 On Hulu.com, Season1, 2 & 3 on Cartoon Network.com (Austin was wrong; Season 3 has already started, and the first few episodes have already aired!), and you can buy them in iTunes.

Part II: We Are… Continuing?

Again, our Facebook Pagefacebook.com/DoesItNeedToHaveAName

Game_Grumps_LogoAfter Morty burned his tongue, we launch into a conversation about The Game Grumps YouTube Channel.  Morty provides a little history on the program, and a rundown of the Grumps.  Morty recommends that people watch any of their videos, but the St Patrick’s Day Steam Train is a yearly tradition that is worth checking out.  Morty also suggested the Mario Galaxy videos, Dan’s Cover Album, Brian dan & Aaron’s band.  Like a typical old person, Austin is curious about Periscope, and indirectly plugs The Dead Air Fresheners performance in New Zealand via Periscope.  Austin rambles about remote gaming, and plugs the Nerdist YouTube channel, in particular, the Fraggle Rock video.

Part III: Does It Need To Have An End?

Bone-One-Volume-CoverBoth Morty and Austin drink on the show – the real draw of the program – then talk about Bone by Jeff Smith.  Morty gives Caleb a shoutout, and Austin admits to loving Green Lantern comics.  We offer a Bone plot summary (sans major spoilers), and suggest that you check them out from the library, if you’d like.  Since both Morty & Austin can’t remember the name of the character that runs the Barrelhaven Tavern, please send in your best, “…actually…” and we will read it on the show.

Morty also reveals that he’s a huge dragon nerd, and we decide to do an episode dedicated to dragons coming soon (including a run-down of How To Train Your Dragon).

Contact us on Facebookfacebook.com/DoesItNeedToHaveAName

Austin keeps a blog: acronyminc.org

Morty keep a secret blog that we don’t know about… yet.

Perhaps someday you can contact us at: noemail at gmail dot com

Listen to the end for the Secret Bonus Track: “Noises” Mini Acapella Dance Mix.

Does It Need To Have A Podcast Feed?

UnknownApparently, people like to subscribe to podcasts.

We’re just as shocked as you are.

But, we have never shied away from new trends on the Inter-Web-A-Tron.

So, here’s our podcast feed, which should work in your podcastcher of choice, including Android Apps, and the nigh-ubiquitous iTunes:

feeds.feedburner.com/ DoesItNeedToHaveAName

I would subscribe now.  That way, when the first episode drops, you can see it right away, so you can mull over when you’d like to listen to it.

As you do.